Whisper-quiet technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is used on stages throughout the world, including the Friedrichspalast, Berlin, the Musiktheater, Bielefeld (Germany), the Státni Opera, Prague (Czech Republic), the Alexandrinsky Theatre and the Marlinsky II Opera House, St Petersburg (Russia), the National Theatre, Peking (China), the Coex Art Centre, Seoul (Korea) and even in the Opal Theatre on board the cruise ship Oasis, Finland.

Quiet and reliable

Electromechanical drives from NORD DRIVESYSTMS are easy to install, use and maintain. They also have exceptionally low noise levels. Thanks to highly responsive frequency inverters, the drive solutions can also be controlled very flexibly, either individually or in groups.
For the specific requirements of stage technology, NORD provides geared motors with maximum torques of up to 200,000 Nm, which can be used in the above- or below-stage machinery of theatres. Gear units for lifts are designed for double the required load and NORD geared motors also fulfil the stringent requirements of DIN 56950 and BGV C1. This ensures the highest possible working safety for people standing in the vicinity of the drive units. All motors are equipped with double brakes, as work goes on continuously under suspended loads such as parts of the stage set or lighting equipment.